Nickle Plating

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One improvement to our custom built AR-15′s is our nickel based plating of the bolt and carrier. This not only makes the gun look good but also improves the function and the cleaning of the firearm. Unlike Chrome plating and other processes which can peel over time, nickel plating bonds directly to the steel. This helps to keep the bolt and carrier clean, and because it is polished, the bolt and carrier need just a small amount of lubricant, simply, it runs Faster, Cooler and Cleaner.

This service is available to customers using their own bolt and carrier or we can supply you with one of our own. If you supply the bolt and carrier we will advise customers if any part needs to be replaced. We prefer that the firing pin, the cotter pin and the extractor pin be removed before sending it to us for plating as we do not plate these small parts.

Starting at $75.00