After doing a considerable amount of research on ARs I had a good idea of what I wanted and an idea of what price to expect, I just had to find the right company to build it. Jim at Quality Arms easily gained my business with fast, responsive, and reasonable service. Jim was very helpful offering his opinions while respecting mine. Being on deployment I was only able to contact Jim through email, he was always quick to respond, understanding, and willing to make a deal (hard qualities to find, especially over email!). After talking with Jim a little I settled on a highly customized Quality Arms Dominator AR. The whole process was extremely reasonable and much easier than I had expected. The price was actually less than I had anticipated, and the military discount was a huge bonus. Picking up the gun was no disappointment, Jim was very personable he was more than willing to let me handle optics, accessories, and his own ARs so I could examine some things I had questions on. He never tried to force a sale on me and was patient with my barrage of questions. Additionally the gun bag included with the gun was much nicer than what I had been expecting. As for the AR itself, I couldn’t have been happier. It was lubed up ready to go, with ammo! I was able to shoot it at 2 separate occasions (with no cleaning in between) pumping out 460 rounds (20 of it cheap steel) from 8 different brands (mostly cheap stuff) with absolutely no problems. I never sighted the rifle in, as it was already fairly accurate. I had 5 friends with no prior experience fire it, they were all able to fire easily and with decent accuracy. Keep in mind all of this was in poor weather conditions, lots of snow and lots of mud. Being in the military I’ve had experience with Colt M-16s and M-4s, and I can honestly say the operation of my Quality Arms AR impressed me immensely. Namely I was surprised how easy the charging handle was to operate despite being new. Everything worked exactly as I expected at a fraction of the cost of many AR alternatives. I will definitely return to Quality Arms for any future AR needs (maybe ambidextrous?). Their outstanding quality, customer service, and products put Quality Arms well ahead of their competitors. If you’re looking for exceptional personal service it’s hard to do better than Quality Arms.

Sincerely, FC2 Justin Smith


Sgt Allen Hall Idaho Falls Police Dept Idaho Falls, ID 83402 Dear Sirs, You recently loaned our Department an AR-15 rifle in an “M4″ configuration for testing and evaluation. I was able to do a bit of shooting with this rifle, as were a number of our officers.  Our experience with the rifle, while limited, was quite positive. I have been around AR-15 rifles, as well as M-16s for well over 30 years, and am quite familiar with them. I’m a certified Colt Armorer, a NRA Tactical Rifle Instructor, a Idaho POST Patrol Rile Instructor, as well as a rifle instructor at Gunsite, to give you an idea of my experience with the AR-15 rifle system. In my observation, the AR-15 M4 , as assembled by Quality Arms, and Jim in particular, is a good solid weapon.  I was particularly impressed with the smoothness of the bolt operation.  The smoothness of the bolt was noticeable while shooting the rifle. This particular AR-15 M4 had one of the plated bolt and bolt carries that Quality Arms features. When I cleaned the rifle, I found it quite easy to clean the bolt carrier and bolt because of this plating.  Cleaning an AR-15 is never anyone’s favorite pasttime, but the plated bolt carrier and bolt makes the job considerably more easy. The particular AR-15 M4 that Quality Arms provided me for testing had a very good trigger, which adds to it’s accuracy potential. Prior to testing the rifle, Jim from Quality Arms brought over some other examples of Quality Arms products.  I asked some detailed questions and was impressed with Jim’s answers and technical knowledge of the AR-15 system.  Jim knew the answers to all my questions, and gave detailed replies which showed he throughly knows this stuff. The price of the AR-15 M4 that we tested was very competitive in todays AR-15 market.  There are several ‘small’ attention to detail things on the rifle that show they are interested in making sure they produce a quality product.  Well staked bolt carrier key screws are but just one example. It is my observation that Quality Arms puts out a very good product for a very good price.  Law Enforcement Officers who need a Partrol Rifle should give a hard look at Quality Arms before purchasing an AR-15. The same could be said about private citizens who want a good AR-15 in today’s uncertain world. Signed, Sgt. Allen Hall